Real Boston Richey – Keep On Gettin It Lyrics

Keep On Gettin It Lyrics

Uh, turn me up, P
Uh, Richey
Uh, uh, uh
(Known to let that MAC fly just like my nigga Doe, baow)
Uh, uh

Crackers tryna swing the block, but we keep on gettin’ it
Over here, we ain’t got no opps ’cause these niggas bitches
Niggas still hate me over there, tryna knock me off my pivot
I’ll let her nigga buy her nails and hair, I’ll go buy a pendant
f*ck with all the DJs that’s gon’ keep me spinnin’
But I’m turned up, nigga ain’t never been a coalition
Half a ticket on me right now, I bet that bitch gon’ listen
I DM the bitch to take her out of town, I bet your bitch go missin’
A ten-year run, I was a young nigga out hеre trappin’ midget
I feel like I got a magic wand, I been out trickin’ bitchеs
I feel like the 50 Boyz ’cause in my britches, nigga, I can fit a fifty
Might have to cross a nigga out I love ’cause niggas ain’t even with me
Me and that young bitch always fightin’ just like Bobby and Whitney
She gon’ eat that dick up good, I bought that Pink Whitney
She done f*cked me and my brother, that bitch you seen with me
They heard I ran up seven M’s, tell f*ck niggas, “Come and get me”
My nigga shoot the shit out a nigga, I got that plumber with me
These niggas be doin’ all that Tweetin’, but niggas ain’t f*ckin’ with me
We started off a hundred deep, ain’t none of them niggas with me
I know I f*cked her good ’cause all of my ex bitches miss me
These niggas be cappin’ when they say, “No cap,” like, “No kizzy”
I’m only givin’ a nigga a Bubba chain who roll with me
I’m talkin’ ’bout same niggas who post up at the store with me

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